Packers (3-5) @ Lions (1-6) Game Thread



Well guys, we are some loyal fans to keep staying so interested in this moribund franchise owned by the worst owners in sports or at least in the top 5. Hiring Dan Campbell was not smart after the terrible Matty Patty hire, ugh!

Last week the Lions came out looking good in the 1st half and had a nice 27-17 lead before proceeding to stink up the joint and get outscored 14-0 in the 3rd QT. and that was all she wrote for a 31-27 loss. That is some pathetic coaching and it's becoming a habit with this staff led by Soupy, just terrible decision making, time management, personnel moves during the game, it's across the board bad and we're sick of it. I just hope one day we'll have a winning pro football team to follow, I'm not confident in this happening anytime soon.

Anyway, hope to see everyone for the game thread and that we can beat the Packers, Go Lions!

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