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Full schedule, TV, odds for each matchup in the 2022 NCAA Tournament’s First Round

Let the madness begin!

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Indiana vs Michigan Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s March and the NCAA Tournament is upon us! A whole weekend of absolute college basketball bliss is ahead later this week with just a taste coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Michigan Wolverines will be the first game Thursday afternoon as they take on the Colorado State Rams. Then, madness ensues with 32 matchups in a two-day span.

The tournament this season promises to be as crazy as ever. The amount of discourse and debate over seeding lasted throughout the course of the season in a huge way. Michigan and Memphis are two teams that stick out as potential No. 1 seeds to open the season, but each took huge steps back. Both made the tournament despite slow starts, and the evolution of statistics in the game was shown with a 17-14 Wolverines’ squad not even being one of the Last Four In.

Then, there was the exact opposite shown where Murray State, a team that went 30-2, was given a No. 7 seed. San Francisco, Saint Mary’s, Wyoming, Davidson, San Diego State and Boise State were all seeded very well despite not playing in a Power 6 conference. Wisconsin was projected to finish 10th in the Big Ten and is a No. 3 seed. You just never know how the season will go for so many teams.

There are still some question marks, and there always will be debate when only 68 teams actually make the tournament. But, for the most part, this was one of the most balanced and well-constructed brackets made in the tournament’s history. A healthy mix of conference success and advanced stats made sure of that.

With that being said, here is the complete schedule and all the odds for each game coming up this week:

March Madness First Round Matchups and Spreads

Date Matchup Time (ET) TV Network Spread
Date Matchup Time (ET) TV Network Spread
Tuesday, March 15 (16) Texas Southern vs (16) Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 6:40:00 PM truTV Texas Southerm (-3)
(12) Indiana vs (12) Wyoming 9:10:00 PM truTV Indiana (-3.5)
Wednesday, March 16 (16) Bryant vs (16) Wright St. 6:40:00 PM truTV Wright State (-1.5)
(11) Notre Dame vs (11) Rutgers 9:10:00 PM truTV (PICK)
Thursday, March 17 (11) Michigan vs (6) Colorado St. 12:15:00 PM CBS Michigan (-2.5)
(13) South Dakota St. vs (4) Providence 12:40:00 PM truTV Providence (-2.5)
(9) Memphis vs (8) Boise St. 1:45:00 PM TNT Memphis (-2.5)
(16) Norfolk St. vs (1) Baylor 2:00:00 PM TBS Baylor (-20)
(14) Longwood vs (3) Tennessee 2:45:00 PM CBS Tennessee (-16.5)
(12) Richmond vs (5) Iowa 3:10:00 PM truTV Iowa (-9.5)
(16) Georgia St. vs (1) Gonzaga 4:15:00 PM TNT Gonzaga (-24.5)
(9) Marquette vs (8) North Carolina 4:30:00 PM TBS North Carolina (-3)
(12) New Mexico St. vs (5) UConn 6:50:00 PM TNT UCONN (-6.5)
(15) Saint Peter's vs (2) Kentucky 7:10:00 PM CBS Kentucky (-17.5)
(12) Wyoming/Indiana vs (5) Saint Mary's (CA) 7:20:00 PM TBS NONE
(9) Creighton vs (8) San Diego St. 7:27:00 PM truTV SDSU (-2)
(13) Vermont vs (4) Arkansas 9:20:00 PM TNT Arkansas (-6)
(10) San Francisco vs (7) Murray St. 9:40:00 PM CBS San Francisco (-1)
(13) Akron vs (4) UCLA 9:50:00 PM TBS UCLA (-15)
(16) Texas Southern/Texas A&M-Corpus Christi vs (1) Kansas 9:57:00 PM truTV NONE
Friday, March 18 (10) Loyola Chicago vs (7) Ohio St. 12:15:00 PM CBS Loyola Chicago (-1.5)
(15) Jacksonville St. vs (2) Auburn 12:40:00 PM truTV Auburn (-16.5)
(14) Montana St. vs (3) Texas Tech 1:45:00 PM TNT Texas Tech (-16)
(14) Yale vs (3) Purdue 2:00:00 PM TBS Purdue (-16.5)
(15) Delaware vs (2) Villanova 2:45:00 PM CBS Villanova (-17)
(10) Miami (FL) vs (7) Southern California 3:10:00 PM truTV USC (-1.5)
(11) Rutgers/Notre Dame vs (6) Alabama 4:15:00 PM TNT NONE
(11) Virginia Tech vs (6) Texas 4:30:00 PM TBS Texas (-1)
(13) Chattanooga vs (4) Illinois 6:50:00 PM TNT Illinois (-8)
(15) Cal St. Fullerton vs (2) Duke 7:10:00 PM CBS Duke (-17)
(11) Iowa St. vs (6) LSU 7:20:00 PM TBS LSU (-5)
(16) Wright St./Bryant vs (1) Arizona 7:27:00 PM truTV NONE
(12) UAB vs (5) Houston 9:20:00 PM TNT Houston (-8.5)
(10) Davidson vs (7) Michigan St. 9:40:00 PM CBS Michigan State (-2)
(14) Colgate vs (3) Wisconsin 9:50:00 PM TBS Wisconsin (-8.5)
(9) TCU vs (8) Seton Hall 9:57:00 PM truTV Seton Hall (-1)