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Daily Brews: AAC schools moving to the Big 12

Cincinnati, Houston and UCF negotiating a settlement to join the Big 12 in 2023

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Albert Cesare / The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The college sports off-season hasn’t felt like much of an off-season as there has been big news breaking just about every day.

Whether it’s the transfer portal or NIL deals, there is always something going on in the changing landscape of college sports. One big change that will be coming soon is some AAC schools moving over to the Big 12.

It was announced yesterday that Cincinnati, Houston and UCF are negotiating a settlement between 17-20 million dollars to join the Big 12 in 2023.

These schools have produced some talented football teams, but often get held back from making the college football playoff because of the conference they’re in. UCF went undefeated in 2017 and claimed to be the national champion after not getting a chance in the playoff and defeating SEC team Auburn in the Peach Bowl, who beat the national champion, Alabama.

Cincinnati was able to break the trend and make the playoff last year, becoming the first team from a group of five conference to make the playoff. They lost in their semi-final matchup against Alabama.

This conference realignment will either prove that these teams belong with some of the better competition or that they were never meant to run with the top dogs in the power five.


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