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Jim Harbaugh outlines Michigan’s biggest goals, including beating Michigan State & Ohio State

Four goals that will take Michigan very far if they can accomplish them.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Football team had lofty goals in 2021 and they accomplished a whole heck of a lot of them — they beat Ohio State, they won a Big Ten Championship, and they made the College Football Playoff. However, there’s still work to be done, they haven’t reached the mountaintop.

It’s clear what the next step for Michigan is — beat all their rivals, beat everybody.

Harbaugh outlined Michigan’s four biggest goals in 2022 at Big Ten Media Day.

“Our goals would be to beat Ohio State and Michigan State in the same year, win the Big Ten championship and the national championship,” Harbaugh said. “Those would be our four goals.”

Those goals are obvious but are still aspirations that must be spoken into existence, much like how Harbaugh declared Michigan aimed to beat all their rivals or die trying last season.

“We’re just going to continue to attack,” Harbaugh said. “That’s what I really love about this team. They really literally attack everything that’s put in front of them.”

That was the overarching message from Harbaugh’s press conference, keep attacking and not become complacent. As Harbaugh has said in the past, it’s never good for a team to fall in love with their output and to always strive for improvement. That’s where Michigan’s mindset is at Big Ten Media Day, just days away from fall camp.

“It’s been a tremendous off-season for the Michigan Wolverine football program,” Harbaugh said. “Our guys from literally days after our final game last year have been at work, attacking everything they do. There’s been zero entitlement the entire off-season and now and none really in the foreseeable future. So life is good.”