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Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 4

Now that Week 3 has come and gone, it’s time to update the Big Ten Power Rankings.

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There were thunder delays, blow outs and the first Big Ten East domino to fall this past weekend in college football. All that adds up to an update on the Big Ten Power Rankings. Let’s go through them one by one.

14. Nebraska Cornhuskers (Last week’s rank: 14)

Instead of losing by a touchdown or less, the Huskers decided to lose by multiple touchdowns to Oklahoma. Luckily for Nebraska fans, they have the week off after a pitiful defensive performance to go with an equally sad offensive performance. The Huskers allowed Oklahoma to rush 312 yards, while they themselves had six drives with 10 yards or less.

Up next: Bye

13. Northwestern Wildcats (Last week’s rank: 13)

Their lone win against Nebraska is the only thing that keeps Northwestern afloat over Nebraska. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, if they didn’t have four turnovers they could have defeated Southern Illinois. SIU only capitalized on two of Northwestern’s turnovers, and yet the Wildcats still lost. The combination of penalties and turnovers leave Northwestern stagnant in this week’s rankings.

Up next: Miami (Ohio)

12. Illinois Fighting Illini (Last week’s rank: 11)

Illinois had the weekend off, but take on an undefeated Chattanooga this week at home Thursday night. With a nice win, who knows, they could move up.

Up next: Chattanooga

11. Indiana Hoosiers (Last week’s rank: 10)

Despite getting the win in overtime against Western took a field goal in overtime to get the win over Western Kentucky. Regardless, Indiana fought hard for another comeback win and forced overtime with a late touchdown and two-point conversion. The Hoosiers are undefeated heading into Week 4, already eclipsing the amount of wins they had last year.

Up next: Cincinnati

10. Iowa Hawkeyes (Last week’s rank: 12)

It was the game that lasted seven hours and three Iowa touchdowns. Iowa endured multiple lightning delays to shutout Nevada, 27-0. Not only that, the Hawkeyes finally produced more than 200 total yards of offense in a game, which that alone might have been a win for Iowa fans.

Up next: Rutgers

9. Purdue Boilermakers (Last week’s rank: 6)

This was Purdue’s game, until it wasn’t. The Boilermakers — though they had an impressive showing with 424 passing yards and no turnovers — were called for 13 penalties that amounted to 138 penalty yards. Purdue had this game until Syracuse scored a touchdown with seven seconds left. Definitely need a cleaner game from the Boilermakers if they want to get back into the win column.

Up next: FAU

8. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Last week’s rank: 8)

Rutgers and its showering of field goals elevated the Scarlet Knights to 3-0 on the season. The Scarlet Knights only allowed Temple two touchdowns, one in the first and one in the fourth. Rutgers’ lone touchdown came off an interception return, so it was miraculous the Scarlet Knights pulled off this win. It’s only fitting that after a game with little offense from Rutgers that they get to play Iowa. This will be fun.

Up next: Iowa

7. Maryland Terrapins (Last week’s rank: 9)

Like its New Jersey counterpart, Maryland has also found itself undefeated after Week 3. The Terrapins rallied after getting called for 15 penalties that amounted to 141 penalty yards. It was a late interception from SMU that set up Maryland’s go-ahead score in the fourth quarter that helped the Terps get the win. All this to send Maryland undefeated to the Big House.

Up next: Michigan

6. Michigan State Spartans (Last week’s rank: 3)

Oh where, oh where did the secondary go? Oh where, oh where could it be? Michigan State traveled west to face Washington and then allowed Michael Penix Jr. to throw for 397 yards and four touchdowns. The Spartans also only rushed for 42 yards the entire game. It wasn’t a good night for them, as the Huskies exposed all of their flaws. It doesn’t get any easier, as they welcome in Minnesota this weekend.

Up next: Minnesota

5. Wisconsin Badgers (Last week’s rank: 7)

One way to bounce back after a disappointing loss is to blow out a severely weaker team. The Badgers outgained New Mexico State 585-242 and only allowed a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. It was promising to see an offense rolling from the Badgers, but can it be recreated this week against the Buckeyes on the road?

Up next: Ohio State

4. Penn State Nittany Lions (Last week’s rank: 5)

Penn State played all gas, no breaks against Auburn. Its two freshman running backs combined for 176 rushing yards and four touchdowns, with Nick Singleton leading the charge yet again. Auburn didn’t help itself in the slightest, with four turnovers. By the time the Tigers finally found the end zone, it was way too little too late.

Up next: Central Michigan

3. Minnesota Golden Gophers (Last week’s rank: 4)

The shining star of the Big Ten West continues to shine after their hefty win over Colorado. The Buffaloes are quite bad, as the Gophers outgained them 500-226. The Gophers rushed for 334 yards and four touchdowns and still have one of the most complete defensive showings from a Big Ten team this season. Minnesota has every chance to prove itself at Spartan Stadium on Saturday.

Up next: Michigan State

2. Michigan Wolverines (Last week’s rank: 2)

It was only fitting to shutout UConn to end the non-conference schedule. Blake Corum rushed for five touchdowns, tying a program record for rushing scores in a single game. To add to Michigan’s dominance, UConn only had 110 total yards to Michigan’s 465. The Wolverines have averaged 55.3 points per game through three games and for the first time in their history, they have scored over 50 points in their first three games.

Up next: Maryland

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (Last week’s rank: 1)

Not sure what is crazier, the 77 points scored or the 763 total yards of offense the Buckeyes put up this past weekend. They played a very clean game, with one single penalty for five yards and no turnovers. Maybe the worst thing they did was punt a single time and allow Toledo to score three touchdowns.

Up next: Wisconsin