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Urban Meyer’s awful take about Michigan backfires

Yikes, Urban.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

As Ohio State’s former head coach, it’s no surprise that Fox Sports analyst Urban Meyer still shows his allegiance to the Buckeyes in various forms. However, Meyer decided to stray from the truth on Saturday morning and had some predictions about the Michigan-Nebraska game that proved to be entirely inaccurate.

Michigan put together their most cohesive effort of the season, winning 45-7. Meyer thought it was going to be much closer and put the Wolverines on upset alert.

“The Wolverines have played a schedule that’s not very good. If you play bad schedules, I’ve been there before, you don’t get better,” Meyer said. “If you’re the same team in October you were in September, you’re not a very good team. I believe in (head coach) Matt Rhule, I believe in Nebraska.”

Two of Michigan’s three non-conference opponents have Power Five wins — UNLV beat Vanderbilt and Bowling Green beat Georgia Tech. And Michigan’s fourth opponent of the season, Rutgers, was 3-0 heading into the game and exited with a 31-7 loss to Michigan. Michigan’s schedule hasn’t been bad to this point by any means.

Meyer went on to have more bad predictions about Michigan-Nebraska.

“Don’t turn the ball over. Let that 3-3-5 defense play, they have got players on defense,” Meyer said. “I think it’s gonna be a close game in Lincoln.”

Nebraska did in fact turn the ball over on a Heinrich Haarberg interception and their 3-3-5 defense was outclassed, outmuscled and overmatched throughout the afternoon. Michigan’s passing attack and running game both had their way against the Cornhuskers. J.J. McCarthy was 12-of-16 for 156 yards with two passing touchdowns and a 21-yard rushing score. Michigan rushed for 249 yards on the ground and five players rushed for over 25 yards. Nebraska had the No. 1 ranked rushing defense heading into the matchup and Michigan took it to them.

Meyer’s comments were embarrassing when he made them and are all the more embarrassing now in retrospect. Right after Meyer had those predictions Brady Quinn threw some reality back his way and said that J.J. McCarthy is flying under the radar in the Heisman hype and that Nebraska can’t keep up with their weapons at wideout such as Roman Wilson. Quinn was spot on. Meyer was dead wrong.

If Meyer wants to become a better broadcaster, he can start putting his Buckeye bias to the side and admit that Michigan is a really good football team. That’s why they’ve beaten Ohio State two years in a row.