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Michigan football redshirt tracker: Maryland

A freshman wide receiver helped lead the Wolverines to victory on the road.

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images
Erik Bean Erik is a lifelong Wolverines fan born and raised in West Michigan. He covers a variety of topics related to Michigan football including game analysis and recruiting.

The Michigan Wolverines secured their 11th victory of the season, defeating Maryland, 31-24. It was arguably their most competitive, nail-biting game of the season. Nonetheless, they came away victorious.

With the Wolverines battling all sorts of adversity, to escape College Park with a victory is all that matters. This team was able to grind out a victory on the road, with the help of a freshman wide receiver who continues to show up in big moments.

The following have seen the field so far this season. An asterisk (*) indicates if they appeared against Maryland.

  • WR Fredrick Moore (11 Games / Burned)*
  • WR Semaj Morgan (11 Games / Burned)*
  • DB Brandyn Hillman (10 Games / Burned)*
  • DB DJ Waller Jr. (10 Games / Burned)*
  • DL Cameron Brandt (10 Games / Burned)*
  • DL Trey Pierce (9 Games / Burned)
  • WR Karmello English (6 Games / Burned)
  • DB Jyaire Hill (4 Games)
  • RB Benjamin Hall (3 Games)
  • DB Cameron Calhoun (3 Games)
  • Edge Enow Etta (3 Games)
  • TE Zack Marshall (2 Games)
  • RB Cole Cabana (1 Game)
  • OL Amir Herring (1 Game)
  • Edge Aymeric Koumba (1 Game)
  • K Adam Samaha (1 Game)

Semaj Morgan continues to impress and step up when needed. No receiver put up gaudy numbers, and Morgan only recorded two receptions for 16 yards. Morgan’s highlight of the day actually came in the run game, where he continues to be used in jet sweeps. Morgan took a handoff in the third quarter for a 13-yard score, recording his fourth career touchdown.

Outside of Morgan, the freshmen were quiet, with only four others receiving playing time. This was to be expected, considering the rock fight the Wolverines were in. With stiff competition from here out, Morgan will likely be the only real impact freshman the rest of the season.

The Wolverines now turn their focus to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Depending on Wilson’s health, more may be asked of Morgan down the stretch.