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Big House Bleachers: Talking Michigan’s ownership of Ohio State, Big Ten Championship pursuit

2023’s edition of The Game offered plenty of action to behold and the Big House Bleachers boys are here to ramble about all of it!

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Matt Hartwell Matt covers all things Michigan football related for Maize n Brew and runs the social media accounts.

In the latest episode of the “Big House Bleachers” podcast, Michael Smeltzer and Matt Hartwell celebrate Michigan’s recent 30-24 victory over Ohio State. They explore rumors questioning Ohio State’s toughness, humorously ranking them low on a toughness scale. They also present their “This Guy Right Here” player of the game awards and inaugurate the first class into their “The Game: Hall of Fame,” honoring five standout Michigan players from recent games against Ohio State.

Looking ahead, they speculate Michigan’s chances of a four-peat against Ohio State next year. They delve into an in-depth analysis of the CFP rankings, debating which teams might be left out and who could secure a spot. Finally, they preview the upcoming Big Ten Championship between Michigan and Iowa.

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