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Jadyn Davis earning high praise from Michigan players and coaches

Davis is going to have a bright future wearing maize and blue.

Jadyn Davis Off Season Photo by Aubrey Lao /Getty Images

Early enrollee and 2024 four-star quarterback Jadyn Davis is with the Michigan team in Los Angeles as the Wolverines prepare to face Alabama in the Rose Bowl on Monday.

Davis is getting practice reps and he’s already impressing his teammates and the Michigan coaching staff.

Maize n Brew caught up with some Michigan players and coaches to talk about Davis. Here’s what they had to say.

Running back Blake Corum

“I already see in him how he is going to be a great leader. He is a go-to guy. He got in front of the team with the other early enrollees, and he just spoke really well. As a quarterback, you need to be a leader on the team. You need to be the field general just like J.J. is, and I see that in Davis. I’m excited to see how he can grow over the offseason and spring ball. Coming in early is a huge benefit, and so I’m excited to see his growth, see what he can do because he is going to be special.”

Offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore

“Very impressive young guy, all about his business. Really what we thought he would be. Attacking every day. Excited for him. He's got all the arm talent, all the ability in the world. Excited to see how he progresses.”

Receiver Roman Wilson

“Very good quarterback, very mature for his age. He was one of the last guys to leave practice yesterday. I've only been around him a few weeks and he's already ready to throw to me. A mature level for a kid and he's gonna have a big bright future.”

Quarterbacks coach Kirk Campbell

“The kid is a winner, but since he's been here couldn't be more excited about himself as a person, his talents, and his ability to take coaching on the fly. A humongous, great addition to our room character-wise, player-wise, talent-wise.”