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Energized Jim Harbaugh ready for Michigan to ‘get the freaking rhythm’ on Rose Bowl gameday

Harbaugh’s ready to get the blood pumping.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

With a day left to prepare for the Rose Bowl matchup against Alabama, head coach Jim Harbaugh is leaving no stone unturned. He’s attacking the day and aims to clean anything that needs to be up.

“The hay is never in the barn for us,” Harbaugh said. “We never think of it that way. Things to clean up, polishing the diamond as we like to say, make the most of this day.”

Harbaugh said what the plans for the team will be on New Year’s Eve.

“Tonight we’ll get together, watch a movie, talk to the team, different things like that. Kind of get the red blood pumping a little bit so you can visualize it,” Harbaugh said. “Then go to sleep and see how good of a night’s sleep you can get. Sometimes you do; sometimes you don’t. We really stressed a good night’s sleep last night. Kind of feel like that’s the sleep you play on. Got a darned good one last night. Anything tonight will just be a bonus.”

Harbaugh then discussed the approach on gameday.

“Wake up tomorrow, and everybody has their own approach to game day. JJ has one. Other guys have a different approach,” Harbaugh explained. “Just going to have to go through our routine and then get to the stadium, and then it’s like new. You’re in a new setting, and it takes five or ten minutes to adjust. But at some point, you’ve got to lock in and you’ve got to get the rhythm. Rhythm, get the rhythm, get the freaking rhythm, and then toe meets leather and it’s on.”

No matter what happens in the hours and moments leading up to kickoff, Harbaugh has faith in his squad preparing in the right manner.

“I never worry about our guys once the game starts because I know that they’re going to react and do what they do and do it really well,” Harbaugh said. “Can’t wait for that moment. Can’t wait to watch our guys compete in this game.”