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Maize n Brew Podcasts rebranding, heading to Fan First Sports Network

All our podcasts you know and love will be available on the Fan First Sports Network in the near future.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few years, Maize n Brew Podcasts have grown exponentially thanks to all your support. Whether you listen on the website or download and listen to our podcasts on Apple, Spotify, etc. we greatly appreciate your support because you have made this as successful as it has become.

But with recent cost-saving efforts from Maize n Brew’s parent company, Vox Media, our podcasts will unfortunately no longer be supported on their platform. In fact, most, if not all, of the college sports podcasts — as well as many pro sports podcasts once supported and funded by Vox — will no longer be provided that support.

To be blunt, we were stunned by this decision. As one of the most successful college podcasts across the SB Nation platform, we did not expect to be blindsided like that. Our reaction then turned to sadness, then anger, and then looking forward to our next podcast opportunity.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long to figure out what was next, since many of our colleagues at SB Nation websites were put in the same predicament. Many of the SB Nation podcasts let go from Vox Media have banded together to create a brand new podcast network called the “Fan First Sports Network,” (FFSN). That is where you will find our podcasts in the not-to-distant future.

Of course, because our podcasts aren’t associated with SB Nation/Vox anymore, we had to undergo a name change. So instead of “Maize n Brew Podcasts,” we will now be entitled “The Block M Podcast Network.”

If you are subscribed to us right now, the expectation is that your subscription will be in tact once we move over to FFSN (hopefully soon). So you shouldn’t have to find us to re-subscribe or anything like that — we have been told our podcast feeds will be coming with us, meaning, our subscribers will be coming with us, too.

It is currently not known exactly when this transition will happen. There have been some minor snags in the road, but we hope to get to our destination sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, rest assured that all your favorite podcasts will be continuing on with FFSN. Whether you’re a fan of Andy/Jared with the Out of the Blue podcast, Luke Ghiardi and Scotty White with Brewcast, Trevor Wood’s glorious plethora of Michigan football podcasts throughout the year, or myself and Jon with our Michigan Wolverines recruiting podcast, you will still have the same show, just on a different platform.

At first, we were bummed by this outcome. But now, we are excited. Really excited. The leadership at FFSN has been nothing but stellar as we all transition off the SB Nation platform. The sky is the limit for FFSN, so be sure to follow them on Twitter @FansFirstSN. You will find our podcasts tweeted out there, as well as the other podcasts on FFSN.

If you’re a subscriber to Maize n Brew Podcasts and have any questions, please feel free to put them in the comments or email them to