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Three best NFL fits for Olu Oluwatimi

Who should take the Wolverines’ star center?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 03 Big 10 Championship - Michigan vs Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After his senior year at Virginia, Olu Oluwatimi decided to transfer to play for the Michigan Wolverines. After winning a Rimington Award, Outland Trophy and Big Ten Championship in Ann Arbor, he is now ready to hear his name be called in the 2023 NFL Draft.

We don’t know where Oluwatimi will go, but we do know some places that would be a good fit the Wolverines’ star center. Here are the top three.

Chicago Bears

The Bears are a team that need offensive line help — bad. Chicago said that Cody Whitehair would be the starting center, but it’s a safe bet the Bears will take a new one in the draft. Oluwatimi would be a good fit because of how much experience he has.

Oluwatimi will be 24 when the NFL season rolls around and he has a ton of experience not only playing, but also with a lot of schemes. Oluwatimi played in more pass protection schemes with Virginia and power running schemes with Michigan. He could be a really solid option for Chicago should it take one in the draft.

Washington Commanders

The Commanders are a team that don’t necessarily need a guy in the draft to come in and be the starter right away, but they could use some depth at the position. Oluwatimi would be an ideal fit.

His experience and award-winning talent has been attracting many NFL scouts, and all signs point to Oluwatimi being a great professional player. For teams like Washington looking to add depth, Oluwatimi is the kind of guy it should want. It is already clear he can work in multiple schemes and adapt to different play styles. Because of that, he would be a good option right out of college, but will also likely be able to grow over the years.

New York Jets

Whichever center gets drafted to the Jets very well could end up being the starter. But New York just finalized a big trade to bring in Aaron Rodgers, so the Jets now have some pressure to build a good offensive line around him.

Sounds like Oluwatimi would fit right in given his skillset and experience, especially in games on the biggest stage.

The 2023 NFL Draft kicks off Thursday, April 27. Tune in to see where Oluwatimi goes along with all of the other Wolverines heading to the NFL.