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Daily Brews: Big Ten football may no longer require Power 5 non-conference opponent

Michigan hasn’t cared the last two years anyway.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines football program has received a ton of flak the last two seasons for their non-conference play which has included the likes of UConn and Hawaii in 2022, and East Carolina and UNLV upcoming in 2023. Well, it appears they may have been ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the Big Ten Conference.

According to reports from Brett McMurphy from the Action Network, the Big Ten is “strongly considering” removing their requirement for league teams to play a Power-5 non-conference opponent:

This is done very strategically as the Big Ten expands, adding two powerhouses with UCLA and USC in the near future. The College Football Playoff will also include 12 teams starting in 2024, and I am sure the conference hopes for multiple bids every season.

This strategy is nothing new. The SEC has had a similar strategy over the past few seasons to ensure simpler paths for their top programs to the CFP and beyond.

It’s one of the first of what will likely be many changes that will come under new Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti who officially takes over for Kevin Warren on May 15th.

Kobe Bufkin and Jett Howard earn NBA Combine invites

Looks like the two Michigan basketball stars will be headed to Chicago next week for the NBA Combine. The NBA Draft Lottery is on Tuesday, May 16, when the order will be finalized for the bottom 14 teams. Both Howard and Bufkin are hopeful to be drafted that early.

A Hunter Dickinson replacement?

Michigan is still looking to add depth behind Tarris Reed in the frontcourt, and it looks like they have reached out to Arizona State transfer Warren Washington. The 7-footer averaged 9.2 points and 6.9 rebounds in 26.9 minutes per game with the Sun Devils last season. He was previously with Nevada and Oregon State, which will make his next destination his fourth in five seasons.