Jaguars @ Lions, 2023 NFL Preseason Game II



Hello all, a couple of pics of a beautiful Jaguar and a beautiful Lion hanging out on tree limbs in the dog days of summer during the 2023 NFL Preseason. Luckily, we get a live Lions Preseason Game Nationally for us to enjoy and chat about as Jacksonville visits Detroit for Week 2 of the Preseason.

Both these teams are on the upswing as there has been a tremendous amount of hype regarding both squads and with good reason, so let's hope that hype indeed plays out. We Lions' fans deserve some good fortune as we've been patient for decades waiting for a consistent contender and save for a few years here or there , it's been a moribund franchise for the most part, as a fan of over 50 years this FO feels different to me.

So let us all gather around whatever device you plan on watching the game from and enjoy some solid play and improvement from the team, hope to see you here, Go Lions!!!

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