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Pick’em Podcast Week 3: Can MSU cover against Washington without Mel Tucker?

Another interesting slate of college football is upon us, none more interesting perhaps than in East Lansing.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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Michigan State was probably going to have a hard time against Washington this weekend anyways, but head coach Mel Tucker’s suspension amidst a sexual harassment allegation makes things even more challenging for the Spartans.

Despite this recent development, the betting odds haven’t changed a whole lot regarding the matchup on Saturday in East Lansing. Can the Spartans cover the spread, or even better, pull off the unimaginable and upset the Huskies?

Von, Luke and Dan are back to pick the best of the best on this week’s Pick’em Podcast! Below are the games picked and their respective spreads.

CMU @ No. 9 ND (-34.5)

Northwestern @ No. 21 Duke (-18.5)

Western Kentucky @ No. 6 Ohio State (-29.5)

No. 8 Washington (-16.5) @ MSU

No. 7 Penn State (-14.5) @ Illinois

No. 15 Kansas State (-4) @ Missouri

No. 11 Tennessee (-6.5) @ Florida

Bowling Green @ No. 2 Michigan (-40.5)

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