Falcons (2-0) @ Lions (1-1) Week 3 Game Thread




Cool pics, huh? last week we lost to a birdy squad, let's hope we beat this bird of prey, we can't keep losing home games, especially early in the season when you're trying to establish yourself. I feel like Dan Campbell was just too damned aggressive in going for it last week and when we weren't successful we gave Seattle a short field, especially in the 2nd half when we failed to convert on 4th down at our own 45, he needs to understand that many times, punting is the right move when you need to play the field position game, big mistake on his part.

Also, that pick 6 was the killer but man, the refs are so bad. The Lions' D-Line keeps getting mugged and we're not getting crucial calls at crucial times like that last play of the game, there was a blatant hold of Hutchinson in the wide open field and the ref just wouldn't throw the flag and alas, that was the game winning play for the Seahawks. Pathetic and unacceptable, I sure hope the Lions' FO is making a stink to the NFL HQ about this, SMDH!!!

Anyway, I hope the Lions are ready to put together a winning performance today and grab an important win against a surprising 2-0 Falcons Squad, Go Lions!!!

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