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Redshirt tracker: The true freshmen who saw time against ECU

After one week of action, these true freshmen are four games away from burning their redshirt.

Michigan Spring Football Game Photo by Jaime Crawford/Getty Images

Michigan took down ECU, 30-3, in Saturday’s season opener. It’s the first game of the year, so no freshen have burned their redshirt yet, but a number of them played their first career game as a Wolverine.

The opening games are the most important for young players who won’t get into as many games down the stretch. Hear is who we saw on Saturday.

True freshmen who appeared in Saturday’s game against ECU:

  • RB Benjamin Hall
  • WR Frederick Moore
  • WR Karmello English
  • WR Semaj Morgan
  • S Brandyn Hillman
  • CB DJ Waller
  • CB Jyaire Hill
  • Edge Aymeric Koumba
  • DL Cameron Brandt
  • DT Trey Pierce

Michigan didn’t use a ton of true freshmen on Saturday, possibly a consequence of Jim Harbaugh and Sherrone Moore’s suspension. But a lot of the guys who did get in are names we expected, including Jyaire Hill and the three freshmen receivers. If anyone on the team burns their redshirt year this year, it likely will come from this group.

Scholarship freshman who did not appear:

  • WR Kendrick Bell
  • TE Deakon Tonielli
  • LB Semaj Bridgeman
  • LB Jason Hewlett
  • CB Cameron Calhoun
  • RB Cole Cabana
  • LB Hayden Moore
  • OL Amir Herring
  • DL Brooks Bahr
  • OL Nathan Efobi
  • Edge Breeon Ishmail
  • OL Evan Link
  • TE Zack Marshall
  • Edge Enow Etta
  • K Adam Samaha

A number of true freshmen didn’t get into game one at all. But with two non-conference games still to play, there’s plenty of time for some of these players to get their first taste of game action.

Next week’s game should provide a clearer picture of whether the coaching staff is trying to rotate in true freshmen or if they have a strong grasp on who’ll be seeing playing time.