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What Jim Harbaugh had to say in his Week 2 radio appearance on ‘Inside Michigan Football’

The head coach discussed his observations from the season opener, despite not being there in person.

Vrbo Fiesta Bowl - Michigan v TCU Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Head football coach Jim Harbaugh made his second appearance of the season on the “Inside Michigan Football” radio show Monday night. He spoke with Jon Jansen about where his team stands after their season opening 30-3 victory over East Carolina and some of the observations he made during the game.

Here are some of the things he had to say about the performance, and his experience watching the game.

  • In regards to his experience watching the game on television with offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore, Harbaugh said he and Moore were, “coaching vicariously through the television.” He also mentioned, “Kelli Moore got that dialed in (figuring out how to watch the game on Peacock), and some really good sandwiches, too.”
  • When asked about the offense and Kirk Campbell’s job of calling the plays, Harbaugh said, “I thought he did a really good job.” In regards to the passing attack, he also mentioned he appreciated, “Precision in the passing game — the way J.J. threw the ball — the receivers catching the ball.”
  • In regards to the performance of his defensive line, Harbaugh said, “Mason Graham had a heck of a ballgame.” He also had good things to say about another sophomore defensive tackle, saying, “Kenneth Grant, just his ascension as a football player — he was a gift from the football gods when he showed up — some of the moves the athleticism that he showed - he got the pressure, really caused that (Mike Sainristil) interception to be thrown.”
  • Harbaugh also spoke highly of his linebackers, saying, “Physicality of the linebackers really jumped out at me.” He mentioned sophomore Ernest Hausmann specifically, saying he, “Got to show that he can run and hit.” Despite no sacks being recorded by his edge rushers, he also mentioned the, “Outside backer position was solid, too.” He also further emphasized the group’s diversity and its collective ability to get to the quarterback in different ways.
  • When asked about the performance of the offensive line, Harbaugh gave kudos to a few players: “Drake Nugent — I think he might have graded out the highest, with Zak Zinter grading out second highest.” He specifically pointed to Nugent’s ability to keep things organized for the offensive line from the center position. Additionally, he mentioned tackles Myles Hinton and Karsen Barnhart both, “Played really good.”
  • Harbaugh was also asked about next week’s game against UNLV, specifically how he expects Jay Harbaugh and Mike Hart to handle head coaching duties. In regards to Jay, he said, “He’s really talented — really good leader.” He also expressed optimism about Hart’s performance, saying, “It’s gonna be special — Mike Hart is gonna be really good at it, too.”