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Pick’em Podcast Week 2: Alabama vs. Texas demands all the betting attention

Alabama/Texas will get all the attention this weekend.

Alabama v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

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Week 2 is filled with top-25 matchups all over the country. From Alabama/Texas to Ole Miss/Tulane and Texas A&M/Miami, there are bound to be some tight contests this week in college football.

Von Lozon, Luke Ghiardi and Dan Plocher pick the best of the best on this week’s Pick’em Podcast! Below are the games picked from and their respective spreads.

No. 10 Notre Dame (-7.5) @ NC State

No. 12 Utah (-7.5) @ Baylor

Nebraska @ No. 22 Colorado (-3)

No. 20 Ole Miss (-7.5) @ No. 24 Tulane

No. 23 Texas A&M (-4.5) @ Miami

Iowa (-4) @ Iowa State

No. 11 Texas @ No. 3 Alabama (-7.5)

UNLV @ No. 2 Michigan (-37)

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