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Recruiting Roundup: Commits & targets react to Michigan winning the National Championship

Winning is the most powerful recruiting tool on the planet.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines have reached the mountain top of college football, capping off the greatest season in the 144 years of program history with a win over the Washington Huskies to improve to 15-0 and win their first national championship since all the players on the team were born.

Winning might be the most powerful recruiting tool on the planet, and plenty of commits and targets had good things to say about the program after Monday’s victory.

Expect lots of positive recruiting news over the next few months. Until then, here are some of the best quotes from recruits, courtesy of Steve Wiltfong ($) at 247Sports and EJ Holland ($) with The Wolverine/On3.

Carter Smith, 2025 QB commit, to 247: “As a recruit, it definitely makes, at least make me feel more comfortable with my decision...See the dudes go out and compete like that and pull out big games like this it definitely excites me a lot,” Smith said. “Just the chemistry the coaches have with the players and the players have amongst themselves it’s definitely a tight-knit group and you can really see it watching them play.”

Bobby Kanka, 2025 DL commit, to 247: “Being committed to the University of Michigan, watching them succeed is amazing since I’ll be there just one short year. Especially with both the defensive line and offensive line dominating the way they have been. It just makes me excited to be a part of it.”

Mantrez Walker, 2025 LB commit, to On3: “Called it from the beginning, man ! Love what Harbaugh did with the program. Extremely happy for them! I would definitely go back if it made sense for me and the fam.”

Chris Ewald, 2025 CB commit, to 247: “I’m happy for the guys I’m very proud of them...I know the work they put in this season. Coach (Steve) Clink(scale) and Coach Jay Harbaugh did a wonderful job with the secondary this season I know I will fit right in the scheme. Michigan was all in on me early. They allowed me to be the face of the class by taking my commitment last year I respect them for that.”

Gatlin Bair, Top-100 WR target, to On3: “Love to see it, man. They overcame a ton. I talked to Donovan and (Ron) Bellamy last night and they were both so ready and locked in. So cool to see Colston (Loveland) with such a pivotal play to help change the momentum of the game. So excited for all of those guys”

Kaliq Lockett, top-70 WR recruit, to 247: “This is a statement season for Michigan,” said Sachse (Texas) High’s Kaliq Lockett, 247Sports’ No. 2 receiver in the 2026 class. “National title game is very important. With that being said, Michigan has proved a lot of narratives wrong about opening their offense and passing the ball around a little more, that’s what I like about Michigan.”

Andrew Babaloa, top-50 OT recruit, to 247: “I think that Michigan overall has had a great year, and for me it’s because of the trenches...whether it’s their defensive or offensive line, they’ve been a force all season long. To me, it’s the engine of their team, and I think recruits are starting to see that, pointing to the offensive line haul they got in the 2024 class.”

Dierre Hill, top-80 RB recruit, to 247: “It makes them a potential fit due to how dominant they (are),” Belleville (Ill.) Althoff Catholic Top247 running back Dierre Hill said. “They’re an all-around good team and have great running backs, that play with a similar style as me.”

Alex Graham, top-100 S recruit, to On3: “They finished the job!! After making it to the college playoffs in the past but not quite reaching their desired outcome, they came back strong this year and successfully achieved their goal, which was to go undefeated, win the Big Ten championship, and the Natty!!!”

Mark Zackery, top-170 CB recruit, to 247: “They’re winning culture (stands out) and how they care for their team and the players they just have. When I went to my visit I could see they have a grit to them and a hunger. I could feel it coming off them even at practice. They were going super hard. To have that grit and want to to get to a national championship and get where they want to be, I feel I would fit that.”

Marco Jones, top-180 LB recruit, to 247: “This season has shown me how elite the Michigan coaching staff is on both sides of the ball. I think what makes Michigan a potential fit is how well they develop their players and also the relationship I have with their coaching staff. Michigan stacks amongst the top because of the tradition, coaching prowess and chance to play in the national championship every year.”

Marcus Wimberly, top-500 S recruit, to On3: “I mean… WOW! What can I say other than… “WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN MICHIGAN? NOBODY!” It’s crazy, man. Those guys play their hearts out every game for each other! Michigan is very high in my mind!!!