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Support Michigan football’s NIL efforts via Top Tier Authentics — signed helmets, jerseys and more!

Now THIS is some cool stuff.

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The Michigan Wolverines won the 2023 National Championship, and now fans can score BIG TIME with memorabilia from Top Tier Authentics (TTA).

Michigan is one of three programs — Tennessee and Georgia being the other two — that currently are involved in Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) business with TTA. Student-athletes at these schools sign their autographs on jerseys, helmets and more.

The cool part about TTA is their authenticity technology, which is reimagining authentication and bringing athletes closer to fans and collectors. Each fan who purchases a piece of memorabilia will also get a unique video via a QR code that shows the athletes signing the piece of gear that they now own! You can see more on how that works here.

Have you ever thought about purchasing a Michigan helmet autographed by some of the star players, such as Roman Wilson, Colston Loveland and more? You can now score that here. Or how about a signed jersey? They got that, too. Also available are signed footballs, posters and much more.

And finally, all products are officially licensed merchandise approved by the U-M football program, so you don’t have to worry about it being an off-brand, janky piece of gear. This stuff is LEGIT, so you can rest easy knowing that what you’re getting is — quite literally — the highest quality you could hope for.

So if you are interested in getting this for yourself or a Wolverine loved one in your life, you can find this exclusive merch via the Amazon Fanshop.