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Friday Discussion: What will you remember most from the 2023 National Championship season?

There are countless games, players, and moments that will be remembered for a long time.

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines are the 2023 National Champions.

That never gets old to type. This was the most fun season I have ever had as a college football fan for obvious reasons. As I’m sure most of you have done, I’ve rewatched the Ohio State, Alabama, and Washington games at least three times each at this point. I’ve watched as many of the different telecasts that ESPN provided as I can find for both the Rose Bowl and the National Championship. Lastly, I’ve tried to consume every piece of media that I can find over this past week.

With the memories still top of mind, it’s easy to look back on the 2023 season fondly. With time, certain minor memories will fade while only the most enduring will remain etched in Michigan fans’ brains forever.

With that in mind, what will be the lasting memories of this season for you?

Obviously everyone will remember that the Michigan Wolverines were National Champions, but was the Rose Bowl more memorable than the National Championship itself? What about the regular season that was full of dominance?

Your options here are endless, but I don’t want to see ‘All of the Above’ in the comments.

Early season options include Mike Sainristil’s interception against Rutgers, Roman Wilson’s absurd catch against Nebraska, and Will Johnson’s pick-six in Minnesota. The middle part of the season brought us an absolute beatdown in East Lansing and a masterclass of passing by J.J. McCarthy against Purdue.

The end of the regular season gives the options of Sherrone Moore’s ascent to interim coach, Michigan not needing to use the forward pass to beat James Franklin, and of course Rod Moore calling game against the Buckeyes.

I doubt many of us will remember the Big Ten Championship game against Iowa, but it did occur. That’s where Semaj Morgan became a household name.

I attended my first ever bowl game by making the trip out to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. Sending Nick Saban into retirement and ending the SEC’s reign over the National Championship was certainly memorable. Last but not least, the Michigan Wolverines hounded Michael Penix Jr. and dismantled the Washington Huskies for the title.

Off the field, 2023 may have been even more memorable. Between Jim Harbaugh’s first suspension in non-conference play, his second suspension at the hands of the Big Ten, and the mishandling of the entire fiasco by Tony Petitti, there’s more than enough drama to go around. I haven’t even mentioned the weak schedule narrative and the blatantly anti-Michigan coverage provided by certain members of ESPN.

Most importantly, let’s focus on the players. Which players will always be remembered as legends because of Team 144? It’s easy to want to say all of them as they returned the University of Michigan to glory, but who has built the greatest legacies?

For me, Blake Corum and Mike Sainristil are 1A and 1B on my list. J.J. McCarthy, Zak Zinter, Trevor Keegan, and Michael Barrett make up the second tier, though they are all Michigan legends. If I had to pick a moment that defines Team 144 it would be the goal-line stand against Alabama to win the Rose Bowl. That moment was set up by the offense but hammered home by the defense. It gave Jim Harbaugh his first CFP win and sent the SEC packing. I will never forget the confetti raining down as Michigan returned to college football glory.

What will you remember 10 years from now? Which games, players, or moments are etched in your brain for eternity?

The Michigan Wolverines are the 2023 National Champions. Soak it in.