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Donovan Edwards details his decision to return to Michigan in 2024

Edwards returns to the Wolverines with big goals in mind for the 2024 season.

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Michigan running back Donovan Edwards recently announced he is returning to the Wolverines for his senior season in 2024. Edwards finished his junior season as the team’s second-leading rusher behind Blake Corum, tallying 746 scrimmage yards and five touchdowns, with his most memorable performance arriving in the form of a 106-yard, two-touchdown outing in the 2024 National Championship against Washington.

He made an appearance on Champions Circle’s most recent episode of The L.A.B. — the NIL collective’s flagship podcast hosted by Jake Butt — to discuss his primary motivations in returning to Ann Arbor.

“I’m still hungry. The season wasn’t how I wanted it to be necessarily,” Edwards said. “And just popping out the way that I did on the biggest stage, for me, it’s like, that’s great. But what’s better than doing it again? What’s better than working hard in the offseason and to be able to do it again? So that’s what my mindset is — I’m still hungry.

Last Monday’s NFL Draft declaration deadline saw close to 20 Wolverines elect to head to the pros. Edwards acknowledged this as an opportunity for him and others to serve as familiar voices of leadership within the locker room for Team 145.

“I feel like now I’ll be one of the leaders on the team now, and that’s what I want to implement to the guys.” Edwards said. “Everybody’s gone right now, so what we have to do is continue to stay together. Bring the young guys up, have the older guys like Kalel and I mentor Cole Cabana, Ben Hall, Jordan Marshall — that’s coming in. So that’s where my mindset is like.

“We’re still hungry. And the other guys that I’ve talked to like Tavierre, Alex Orji, Will (Johnson), Colston Loveland — we’re still hungry, even though we have been saying the job’s finished, we still want more.”

When asked how he came to his decision and what that process looked like, Edwards said he made a pros and cons list, with the pros outweighing the cons.

“A couple pros was getting a degree — I graduate in the fall,” Edwards said. “Getting a degree, still being comfortable in my hometown, in my home state, being able to connect with other people. And some of the cons were things that it’s just like a possibility. Like, maybe what happened, versus the pros — it’s going to happen. So for me, I’m not here for anything else, but to be the best version of myself and bring the best out to others. It’s not about money for me, it’s not about gloating in myself. It’s not about that for me. For me, it’s more so just doing what I have to do, just being a great person. What other place is there to be able to grow than at the University of Michigan, which is the best school in the country?”

Lastly, Edwards was also asked to weigh in on the recent NFL rumors surrounding head coach Jim Harbaugh. As most of his fellow teammates have when asked the same question, he affirmed his commitment to the Wolverines.

“If coach Harbaugh goes, by all means, he deserves it, and that’s not changing my decision to stay here at Michigan at all,” Edwards said. “I’m a Michigan man through and through, and I’m going to do everything that I can to uphold the standard of being the leader and the best.”