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J.J. McCarthy reacts to Jim Harbaugh heading to Chargers

McCarthy shared love and admiration for Harbaugh.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 02 Big Ten Championship Game - Michigan vs Iowa Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It was a head coach and QB relationship that led to a Michigan national championship — Jim Harbaugh and J.J. McCarthy. And now both are taking their talents to the NFL. McCarthy will be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, and Harbaugh became the Los Angeles Chargers head coach on Wednesday.

With news of Harbaugh signing with the Chargers, McCarthy posted his reaction on social media, it was one of love and admiration.

THE Michigan Man!

Love you 4,

Thank you for everything

Your story isn’t finished just yet

McCarthy and Harbaugh spoke about their bond frequently throughout their three years together.

  • “It’s definitely like a father-son relationship,” McCarthy said in 2022. “He treats every single player like his own. It’s a little bit special when it’s the quarterback. He played here, in the same shoes and everything like that.”
  • “Like a kid in a candy store,” Harbaugh said in 2022. “That’s the only way or the best way to phrase what he’s like. And there are just certain guys that are like that, and he’s one of them. And that’s at the very highest level of everything he does, he attacks with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. You just always want to give him a big hug. You just love being around him.”

Harbaugh’s story isn’t finished, McCarthy’s story may just be getting started. There’s a good chance Harbaugh’s Chargers will be facing McCarthy down the road. No matter where McCarthy lands, he’s destined to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.