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Blake Corum says LA Chargers will ‘win right away’ with Jim Harbaugh

Corum has a prediction about Harbaugh and the Chargers.

Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Former Michigan running back Blake Corum had a radio interview on the Zach Gelb Show on Thursday afternoon. One of the topics of discussion was former Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh becoming the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers on Wednesday.

Corum said Harbaugh’s decision to head to the NFL wasn’t surprising.

“Not shocking at all. Coach Harbaugh is a man with goals, he set out to win a national championship and turn Michigan around and he did that,” Corum said. “So why not and give it a Round 2 at trying to win a Super Bowl?”

Corum gave a prediction as to how fast Harbaugh can turn the Chargers into a winner. The Chargers had a 5-12 record in 2023.

“He’s such a great coach, he’s won everywhere he’s been. Coach means a lot to me, seeing him be the head coach of the Chargers I know he’s not gonna need a couple of years to change that program around,” Corum explained. “They’re gonna win right away and I’m excited to see what he does.”

Corum was also asked about the possibility of potentially playing for Harbaugh with the Chargers, he said “that would be great.”

“You never know, coach might end up picking me up in the draft,” Corum said. “But whether he does or doesn’t I know he’s gonna be such a successful head coach as he always has been. I know the LA Chargers are gonna do big things with coach Harbaugh in charge.”

Whether Corum winds up with the Chargers or somewhere else, he and Harbaugh will have a bond for a lifetime.