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Blake Corum believes Michigan will stay ‘in-house’ for next head coach

The star running back feels strongly about who he thinks should replace Jim Harbaugh.

Erik Bean Erik is a lifelong Wolverines fan born and raised in West Michigan. He covers a variety of topics related to Michigan football including game analysis and recruiting.

The day Michigan fans have been dreading has finally come — Jim Harbaugh is departing for the NFL, accepting a head coach position with the Los Angeles Chargers. After bringing a title back to Ann Arbor, Harbaugh’s stock has never been higher. He has flirted with the NFL in recent years, making it known that a return to the league was always on the table. After achieving his ultimate goal at Michigan, now is the right time for him to go back.

Michigan will look much different next year, with several key players departing for the NFL as well. With Michigan now looking for a new head coach, the clock is ticking to limit the negative impact of Harbaugh’s departure.

In the midst of a rebuilding year, having the right leader at the helm is crucial. Star running back Blake Corum thinks Michigan’s new head coach is within shouting distance. In an interview on the Zach Gelb Show, Corum detailed why he believes Sherrone Moore is the best fit for the vacancy left by Harbaugh.

“He’s a Michigan Man,” Corum said. “He’s been in the program for a long time, he’s been a great OC, and he has top-10 wins under his belt already as a head coach. I think he’s shown that he’s the guy for the job. He’s learned under coach Harbaugh, and like I said, he’s already had experience being the head coach when coach Harbaugh was suspended. So I think coach Moore is definitely the man for the job — I think we go in-house with this one, keep the culture going down in Michigan, and make sure everyone’s on the same page. But I think coach Moore, he’d make a great head coach, and I think he is the guy. I think we all know that — obviously we had to wait seven days before they can name a head coach, but he’s the guy.”

Moore may not have head coach experience with another program, but does have that experience in Ann Arbor, as Corum said, guiding the Wolverines to four wins this past season during Harbaugh’s suspensions. Those include two huge victories at Penn State and vs. Ohio State.

The record-breaking running back recognizes a huge reason for Michigan’s success is the culture change within the program. Following the 2020 season, the attitude in the locker room had hit an all-time low. Harbaugh raised the culture from the ashes with Moore by his side. Players and recruits alike have a special bond with Moore — what that means to the program has several — including Corum — believing he is the man for the job.

While Michigan is unable to name a new head coach for seven days due to state laws and university policy, it is reasonable to believe Moore is the clubhouse leader for the position. Learning from Harbaugh has helped prepare the 37-year-old for the job. Should Michigan choose to name Moore the new head coach, the program would be in good hands.