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Jim Harbaugh calls Michigan innocent after winning national championship

It went exactly how Harbaugh and Michigan wanted it to go.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It’s been a wild and glorious season for the Michigan Wolverines en route to a national championship.

Off-field issue be damned, Michigan kept winning and finished the season 15-0 after defeating the Washington Huskies 34-13 in the national championship.

Jim Harbaugh served two suspensions this season, the first relating to COVID-19 era alleged recruiting violations, the second came from the Big Ten and commissioner Tony Petitti about alleged illegal scouting by former analyst Connor Stalions even though the Big Ten acknowledged they had no evidence Harbaugh committed or instructed wrongdoing nor had any knowledge of Stalions’ alleged actions. Yeah, it’s been that weird of a year for Michigan — but they persisted nonetheless.

The off-the-field stuff only brought the Michigan team closer together and each time the outside noise grew the team clamped down and got even better at their craft.

After Michigan’s win over Washington head coach Jim Harbaugh addressed the off-field issues by calling the team innocent.

“It couldn’t have gone better. It went exactly how we wanted it to go to win every game. The off-the-field issues, we’re innocent and we stood strong and tall because we knew we were innocent. And I’d like to point that out,” Harbaugh said. “And these guys are innocent. And overcome that, it wasn’t that hard because we knew we were innocent. So yeah, that’s really what I wanted to say. It went exactly how we wanted it to go.”

It went precisely how Michigan wanted it to go. Undefeated. national champions. Showing the doubters they’re a good team and beat the best teams on their schedule while under a microscope by the NCAA and the court of public opinion. Michigan was the best team this season; no narrative will ever change that fact.