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Michigan legend Desmond Howard stops by to share his thoughts on the Wolverines

The former Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl MVP chops it up with the Out of the Blue boys.

University of Michigan Desmond Howard Set Number: X41935

This week on Out of the Blue, firstly Jared and Andy discuss concern surrounding the basketball program and the 34-11 College Football Playoff/Orange Bowl loss to the Georgia Bulldogs. What happened to the Michigan Wolverines we saw in late November/early December?

Next around — around the 31:00 mark — the boys welcome Hesiman Trophy Award winner, Super Bowl MVP, Emmy Award winner, current ESPN College Gameday broadcaster and Michigan legend Desmond Howard to the show.

Howard discusses the season at-large, the Orange Bowl loss, the wide receiver room, and what the outlook of next season looks like for the Wolverines. Howard also discusses his partnership with Modelo to celebrate college football fans.

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