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Out of the Blue: Michigan victories, quarterback battles, and 50-point favorites

Michigan football is in full swing and the quarterback position is as unsure as ever.

Colorado State v Michigan Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

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This week on Out of the Blue, Jared and Andy discuss the 51-7 victory over Colorado State that felt bland in the best way, the positional battle between J.J. McCarthy and Cade McNamara, and the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, who are traveling six time zones as 50-point underdogs to face the Michigan Wolverines.

  • Which players stood out in the game and who projects the best moving forward? How good can this defensive line be?
  • Cade McNamara vs. J.J. McCarthy continues with McNamara playing decently, but leaving the debate open for a strong McCarthy statement this week.
  • Can Hawaii score? Can the Rainbow Warriors keep Michigan under 70?

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Wherever you go, Go Blue!

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