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A Maize n Brew member since 2016, Kyle Yost is a Michigan sports expert across several different teams. In addition to his writing and editorial duties at MnB, he's a Lions editor for Pride of Detroit, a Tigers contributor for Bless You Boys, and a Tottenham Hotspur supporter with Cartilage Free Captain for some international flair.

Michigan at Rutgers: Two Weeks

The clock is winding down on the Wolverines, with only a couple games remaining.

No. 3 Purdue at Michigan Preview: Whistleblower

Time to call it?

Michigan at Northwestern Preview: Beach Games

Ignore all problems and take a trip to the Lake Michigan shore!

Michigan State Spartans at Michigan Wolverines Preview: Turf War

Simply put, Michigan needs to win this one.

Michigan at No. 14 Illinois Preview


Michigan at Nebraska Preview: Launch Party

The pit is likely too deep to escape, but at least some light is shining through.

No. 11 Wisconsin at Michigan Preview: The Fight

The Wolverines welcome one of the conference’s best to Ann Arbor.

Rutgers at Michigan Preview: Heavy Competition

Few teams are struggling as much as the Wolverines, and one comes to Ann Arbor on Saturday.

Michigan at Michigan State Preview: Doomsday

Hard to imagine how will be anything but unpleasant.

Iowa at Michigan Preview: Grief Counseling

Grasping for positives.