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Wasting away on the Atlantic coast, writing about Michigan sports, and spending way too much time on the internet.

The 2016 Michigan Football Preseason Roundtable

The MnB staff offers their predictions, analysis, and expertise ahead of the season.

MnB's Official Response to Rutgers

EXCLUSIVE: The Official Maize n Brew Responses to Rutgers' Secret Societies

What Harbaugh did wasn't cool, and that's okay

It is how he did it that we need to focus on.

Maize n Brew's 2015 Michigan Football Awards

See who came away with our staff accolades following a bounce-back season under Jim Harbaugh.

What Went Wrong: Tempo, 4th Down, and IU

Indiana used aggression and tempo to wear down Michigan's defense and put up a strong upset bid in the second half and overtime.

MnB Roundtable Spooks the Gophers

Will Minnesota play inspired home football without their coach? Has Michigan grown their spine of steel? Does Jim Harbaugh want to drink milk out of the Little Brown Jug? MnB crew is here to give some guesses.

What Went Wrong (Other Than, You Know, That)?

Michigan lost in heartbreaking fashion to Michigan State, but did enough to win. What Michigan didn't do was what it needed to to win the game comfortably: throw the ball down the field effectively.

What Went Right: The 2015 Michigan Defense So Far

Breaking down exactly what Michigan is doing on defense to be so effective, and what it could mean for the rest of the year.

What Went Wrong: Maryland

Michigan's offense struggled to string together long drives against the Terps, leading to a disappointing outing for the offense.

What Went Right: BYU

Michigan beat BYU soundly in all facets of the game, leading to one of the more impressive wins in recent history.