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Quick Analysis: Moritz Wagner to Michigan

Taking a look at what the German forward will bring to John Beilein and the Wolverines.

Michigan basketball received an Easter Sunday commitment from Moritz Wagner, a forward from Berlin, Germany, that gives the team even more depth on the wing for next season.

Wagner had to option to either stay in Germany and play professionally or make his way to the states and play at the collegiate level, the latter of which he opted to do. He looks like he will fit in well with what John Beilein likes to do on offense at either the 3 or 4, which is basically interchangeable in his system.

There is not much on Wagner out there outside of highlights on YouTube, but's Evan Daniels spoke to an NBA scout about his skill set recently:

"He’s a versatile kid who knows how to play ball," a NBA scout that has evaluated him multiple times told Scout. "He’s not an athlete, but with his length and coordination he manages to deceive his opponents and get to the rack quiet easily. Once he becomes a more consistent shooter he will be a nightmare on the wing."

"He reads the game well, gets his teammates involved and is unselfish player," the NBA scout added. "The most impressive thing about him is his passion for the game and the will to win. He legitimately cares for the game."

It may take some time for him to adjust, but Wagner will fit right in with Michigan.