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Michigan Basketball: John Beilein Will Allow Spike Albrect, Ricky Doyle to Transfer Anywhere

No restrictions will be placed on the two outgoing transfers.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan head coach John Beilein has released a statement regarding the transfers of Spike Albrecht and Ricky Doyle, saying that he has decided to lift the restrictions on them and they are able to attend any school they wish.

Here is Beilein's full statement, via

"After initially granting a transfer release for Ricky (Doyle) and a fifth-year graduate transfer for Spike (Albrecht) consistent with the established norms regarding intraconference transfers, I am now removing all restrictions regarding their recruitment by other universities.

"While I have concerns about the current transfer policies as well as potential effects to the landscape of collegiate athletics, we should do what is right for Ricky and Spike as they decide to further their education and basketball careers elsewhere.

"Ricky is an exemplary young man and has done everything we've asked of him. I applaud Spike on his upcoming graduation from Michigan and for continuing his diligent work to rehab his injuries. We do more than wish them well; we will assist and support them in the decision-making process."

Albrecht is graduating from Michigan this spring and will be immediately eligible to play wherever he decides to go. Doyle will have two years of eligibility remaining, but must sit out a season due to NCAA rules.

The Big Ten has a rule stating players cannot transfer to another school in conference, but that is more often than not waived when the player appeals that rule. Neither Albrecht or Doyle have given any indications on where they are looking to go.