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WATCH: Michigan Wolverines Basketball 'Camp Sanderson' Feature

"Jon Sanderson and his program are as big as anything that the coaches do."

Michigan Wolverines strength and conditioning coach Jon Sanderson runs his own conditioning camp for the basketball team. Appropriately enough, it's known as "Camp Sanderson."

In the above Big Ten Network video, part of a series called "The Journey: Big Ten Basketball 2016," Sanderson describes the camp, which is held the summer before each season.

Sanderson was hired in 2009, and held the first camp the same year.

Wolverines Senior guard Spike Albrecht says there are two different versions of Camp Sanderson: "Working out and getting stronger," and "punishment Camp Sanderson," where you get up at 6 a.m. and run until you want to throw up.

Not surprisingly, UM Head Coach John Beilein is a big fan of the camp, saying it has magical effects.

The training is held on campus but isn't limited to just current players. Former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas saw a nearly six-inch improvement on his vertical jump during his first year in Ann Arbor, and is one of many former Wolverines who still come around. Jordan Morgan and Tim Hardaway, Jr. also appear in the clip.

"I think the biggest thing is confidence," says Senior guard Caris LeVert "Confidence in your body to go out there and perform. And you see results."

Sanderson knows the value of the weight room himself. He was 6'4, 165 pounds in high school, and was told he couldn't play college basketball because he was so skinny. Instead, he fell in love with the weight room and went on to play at Ohio State.

"As a coaching staff we get a lot of positive reinforcement from people about the coaches behind the scenes of Michigan basketball," says Beilein. "Jon Sanderson and his program are as big as anything that the coaches do."