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A look at Michigan’s odds of making the NCAA Tournament

A few big wins down the stretch will go a long way toward securing a berth.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Sports predictions and data site has released an updated look at the Michigan Wolverines’ odds of making the NCAA Tournament, and safe to say Sunday’s loss to Michigan State hurt.

According to the site, UM’s chances of making the tournament are now roughly 34 percent, down a full 11 percent from the day before the MSU game.

Team Rankings has the Wolverines finishing 19-12 on the season, though there is good news in the near future as the odds of beating Ohio State next weekend stand at 75 percent.

Michigan has a 5 percent chance of winning the Big Ten conference tournament, and if the team can manage 21 wins overall (including conference tourney wins) its odds of making the Big Dance will jump significantly, to 64 percent.

Lastly, Team Rankings gives Michigan a 5 percent chance of making the Sweet Sixteen and a 1 percent shot at the Final Four. So they’re saying there’s a chance.