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I am an idiot for doubting John Beilein

Please forgive me.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Michigan vs Minnesota
The emergence of Moe Wagner has transformed this team into a National Championship contender.
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

I am an idiot. I’ll say it.

Not only for doubting this Michigan team, but we’ll keep the focus on the basketball team for now.

When Michigan lost to Ohio State at home after losing a tough one on the road in East Lansing, I was ready for Michigan to move on from John Beilein. A lot of fans were. The team looked flat and disinterested and was frankly not fun to watch. With Michigan at 14-9 and 4-6 in the Big Ten, I thought it was over. I thought Beilein needed to recruit more five-stars, that these fringe top-100 players were not cutting it, that the game had passed him by.

And now I look like a damn fool.

Since that loss to Ohio State, Michigan has gone on one of the most impressive turnarounds that I have seen. Winning 12 of 14 since February 4th, Michigan has beat the #9, #12 (2x), #21 (2x), #23, #36, and #39 ranked teams on Throw in the fact that they’re two plays away from winning 14 in a row and this run has been almost ridiculous.

I have gotten a lot of heat for my takes since this run has really taken off and that’s fine. I am big boy and can handle some good-natured ribbing on good ole Twitter dot com. I deserve most of it. I didn’t think this team would make the NCAA Tournament on February 4th and I am so happily eating crow. I can admit when I am wrong and boy, was I 1000% wrong about this team, the state of this program, and the ability of this coach.

Michigan looks like they are going to win the whole damn thing and there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it. Once they went on a four wins in four days run after crashing on the runway, it seemed like destiny. A senior point guard going on a month-long hot streak has been enough for championship runs before, but that galvanizing situation seems to have given this team that extra gear. The passes are crisper, the communication is better, and they are playing like a team without a care in the world.

So, Coach Beilein, I would like to offer an apology for being an idiot and doubting your coaching ability and program. We are very lucky to have Coach B running the basketball program and I look forward to however many more years we get to watch these crazy-efficient Michigan teams make deep runs into the tournament.

One rough year due to injuries should not have led me to doubt this program, but it did. I’m not quite sure on why that is, but this season has erased all doubt that this program is in very good hands.

I hope this team continues to make me and many other fans look foolish and I would absolutely love to eat the biggest heaping of crow ever served on April 3 at about 11:30 pm EST.