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Some people aren’t happy about our t-shirts

How dare us.

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Michigan v Florida Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“Don’t you realize Michigan doesn’t actually get the national title?”

“Call me when they actually win something, then I’ll buy a shirt.”

“If you claim a national title for 2013, you must disavow the Fab Five!”

“Nope. Wasn’t earned!!”

I am truly glad these people took time out of their day to remind us that Michigan didn’t win that game against Louisville and doesn’t actually get a national title out of it. Shocking stuff. I had no idea. The internet remains undefeated.

After appearances in the New York Daily News and Detroit News, as well as social media exposure, there somehow is this narrative going on right now that Michigan fans are “claiming” a national title and some of it seems to be brought on by the shirts we are selling, which are flying off the shelves like hotcakes I might add. It’s a silly, ridiculous shirt not anything unlike the USA “Back to Back World War Champs” shirts you see people wearing around.

(Ours are better by the way)

The fact of the matter is that nobody here is seriously advocating for a banner to be raised at Crisler or any recognition. We know how that season ended and the shirt pokes fun at Louisville’s demise. Any assertion that we are doing anything more than that is trolling for topics and content.

I see this stuff and it half makes me want to go all out and just plan a parade just to annoy the curmudgeons out there.

We were approached to do a shirt, we accepted and we are donating all of the profits from our cut of the shirts to the ChadTough Foundation and pediatric cancer research. As of this posting, we have raised about $600 and are trying to hit a goal of at least $1,000 raised.

We appreciate the support so far and if you haven’t bought one yet, you can hit the link below. Hopefully we’ll not only be able to reach the goal, but smash it in the process.

And maybe we can get people to stop saying “JT Was Short” for awhile.

Anyways, that’s it for my 15 seconds of ranting against Louisville-themed items for the day.