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Remind your friends that Mr. March lives in Ann Arbor

More heat from our pals over at Breaking T

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Not much more needs to be said. Michigan is in the Final Four once again and the team has peaked in March again under John Beilein.

To commemorate that, it’s time to fire up the t-shirt printers again and our friends at Breaking T have come up with more ideas Michigan fans will eat up.

People have already accused these of being a shot a Tom Izzo and we would never knowingly do such a thing here but if the shoe fits...

The fact of the matter is that Beilein has done it again and he squeezes every possible drop he can get out of his team. Heck, that’s a cause most will support in its own right.

There is another design in the works people will love, too. We will drop those as soon as we get clearance to.