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Michigan basketball interim HC says freshman Colin Castleton breaks hand

Saddi Washington announced the news Thursday.

Texas A&M v Michigan Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Michigan basketball’s five-man 2018 recruiting class is about to experience their first taste of the U-M college life when they and the rest of the team head over to Spain, but one freshman in particular will not be able to participate in any game action while overseas.

Interim head coach of the Michigan Wolverines Saddi Washington announced to local reporters freshman forward/center Colin Castleton broke his hand earlier in the summer and will be out indefinitely.

“Colin unfortunately broke his hand earlier, a couple weeks ago, this summer,” Washington said. “He didn’t have to have surgery, but the thing that sucks for him is that he won’t be able to participate when he go over to Spain, but we expect him to get back to full basketball activities when we get back. He’s done a great job of staying engaged on the sideline, and the fact he’s gonna be able to go over to Spain and share this experience with the team I think, at the end of the day, is gonna be really good for his personal development as well.”

Washington saying he expects Castleton to return to basketball activities at some point when they return from Spain is encouraging news. It’s also extremely encouraging that Castleton did not require surgery for the injury, so this shouldn’t be anything to worry too much about as the summer continues.

Let’s just hope Castleton is healed up in the time for the season-opener in November.