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WATCH: Ignas Brazdeikis has massive dunk, displays speed at NBA Combine

Iggy showed he’s strong and fast at the NBA Combine

Florida v Michigan Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Former Michigan Wolverines standout Ignas Brazdeikis has been turning heads at the NBA Combine.

First, Iggy’s speed.

Passing prowess on display.

But this is the best highlight, a SportsCenter Top-Ten type of slam dunk.

Iggy makes a nice spin move, then quickly accelerates before going vertical for a ferocious slam. Brazdeikis clearly has hops and strength to go with his game and he should do just fine in the NBA and have himself a steady career.

“I think I was able to show a little bit of my maturity out there,” Brazdeikis said at the combine. “I definitely showed how I can score the ball, but I think I rebounded the ball well, I defended pretty hard. So I think I just showed that I can be out there and play among the best.”