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Chris Webber and Reggie Miller believe Michigan should hire Juwan Howard

Add two more prominent analysts to the list of people who believe Howard should be the next coach for Michigan

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Michigan basketball head coaching search continues to be a topic nationally, and that trend popped up during the Toronto Raptors-Milwaukee Bucks NBA Eastern Conference Finals on Friday night.

Analysts Chris Webber and Reggie Miller both made it known who they think should get the job.

Miami Heat assistant head coach, former member of Michigan’s “Fab-Five”, Juwan Howard.

The topic came up after the cameras showed that Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo was in attendance in Milwaukee. Webber spoke highly of Izzo and then proceeded to say what Michigan needs to do next.

“All we need is to hire Juwan so we can take (Michigan State) out,” Webber said.

Webber went on to say that “It would be great for the whole university. It would bring everybody back together.”

Webber’s counterpart, 3-point extraordinaire and hall of famer Reggie Miller thinks Michigan should hire Howard as well. “That almost seems like a no-brainer. Whoever is running things at Michigan, you can make some calls, but Juwan Howard needs to get that job there at Michigan,” Miller said.

Prominent analysts such as Webber, Miller, Jalen Rose, and Jay Williams have all lobbied for Michigan to hire Howard. It feels as if a fever is building among the masses, and the majority of college hoops fans and Michigan fans believe Howard would be a fine choice to replace John Beilein.

Hearing former “Fab-Five” members such as Rose and Webber talk highly of their former teammate isn’t a surprise, but their comments still provide insight into how Howard is perceived by his peers, Reggie Miller included.

Per a report from Michigan Insider on Friday night, Howard will be speaking with Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel on Tuesday. We’ll see if Manuel agrees with Webber and Miller’s assessment of Howard once the meeting has concluded.