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Juwan Howard speaks on the suspension of Zavier Simpson

The door has been left open for this to go on longer than one game.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Wolverines senior point guard Zavier Simpson was handed a one-game suspension on Monday afternoon for violation of teams rule, per a release from the program. Head coach Juwan Howard stepped to the podium to preview Tuesday’s game against Nebraska, but the biggest topic of conversation had to do with a senior captain being punished.

Howard addressed it on Monday and left the door open for the suspension to last longer than a single game.

“Unfortunately for X, as you heard, there’s a suspension,” Howard said. “We have to further look at this thing deeper and deeper and see what we’re going to do moving forward.”

Howard also shared Simpson’s reaction to the news and that he was disappointed in what had occurred.

“He was disappointed for many reasons, but overall, he knows that the team is going to miss him,” Howard said. “He let his teammates down.”

No reason has been given or reported for his absence from the team, but he informed his teammates on Sunday via text message he would not be traveling with the team to Nebraska.

“That’s in house,” Howard said. “We have our team rules and unfortunately he broke one of them. You know the repercussions and consequences that you have to pay when you break team rules.”

Is Howard surprised that his senior leader was someone that he had to punish? He is not concerned about that and said that he treats any and all of his players the same.

“Anyone one through 16, I will hold accountable,” Howard said. “If you break a team rule, you break a team rule no matter who you are. No one is bigger, better than the team.”