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WATCH: Five-star Michigan target Josh Christopher senior season highlights

You may want to sit down for this one.

Sierra Canyon v Mayfair Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images

While we wait out this coronavirus quarantine, one of the dominos that Michigan Wolverines fans are waiting to fall the recruitment of five-star shooting guard Joshua Christopher. It seems like an official decision on where he is headed to play college basketball could come any time now with Michigan and Arizona State figuring to be the two schools fighting for his services.

That decision will come in time. As of now, Christopher leaves us with a mixtape from his senior season. It will not do much to shoot down the hype surrounding the type of player that fans are hoping to see in Ann Arbor next season.

As of now, there is not much buzz to suggest that Christopher will not wind up at Michigan. All of the 247Sports Crystal Ball projections have him heading to the Wolverines, which would give them a player capable of providing instant offense and the ability to go get his own bucket when one is needed.

The Wolverines are currently one over the scholarship limit for next season, meaning there has to be some attrition if there is going to be room for their entire recruiting class. The 2020 class is currently comprised of five-star forward Isaiah Todd, four-star center Hunter Dickinson, four-star forward Terrance Williams, four-star guard Zeb Jackson and three-star forward Jace Howard, son of head coach Juwan Howard.

Christopher is the Wolverines’ top remaining target along with five-star forward Greg Brown.