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LOOK: Eli Brooks’ Zoom background for Michigan Basketball’s team meeting is tremendous

Big Country is getting love from one of his teammates.

NCAA Men’s Final Four - Previews Photo by Jack Dempsey/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines had their 2019-20 season abruptly cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic with all sports nationwide on hold. That said, even though everyone is at home and not allowed to be together at the moment, the team is staying together and having Zoom meetings much like the rest of us right now.

Head coach Juwan Howard tweeted out a screenshot of a team meeting, which he is calling “family time” while all of this going on. And the best part of it comes in the bottom right hand corner from guard Eli Brooks, who appears to have set his custom background to “Big Country” Austin Davis’ team photo.

Hey, it was a good chuckle. We could use as many as those as we can get. Personally, it is not even my favorite part of the screenshot. That distinction goes to assistant coach Phil Martelli, who was in the chat not unlike your uncle who is still learning how this newfangled technology.

We should be getting ready for Final Four games this weekend, so we will take the entertainment wherever we can get it.