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Ranking former Michigan Wolverines in the NBA

Breaking down the top NBA players who were former Wolverines.

Florida State v Michigan Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

These rankings are based solely on the performance of the player in the 2019-2020 NBA season. There are currently eight former Michigan Wolverines in the NBA. Notable names not currently with teams are Jamal Crawford, Trey Burke, and Derrick Walton Jr. Let’s begin.

#8. Iggy Brazdeikis, New York Knicks

Season Stats: 1.9 PPG | 0.6 RPG | 0.4 APG

Iggy was drafted last year by the Knicks with the 47th pick. There was speculation whether he would leave Michigan after only one year and he ultimately decided to go pro. He has spent most of the year in the G-League for the Westchester Knicks. He’s actually tearing it up there, averaging 20.9 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. He has only played in nine games for New York though this year as he continues to develop. He slots in at No. 8 here because of his very limited time at the NBA level as he continues to develop.

#7. D.J. Wilson, Milwaukee Bucks

Season Stats: 3.2 PPG | 2.2 RPG | 0.7 APG

Wilson was drafted in 2017 by the Bucks with the 17th pick. There were injury concerns as he entered the draft, but he elected to remain in the draft pool as a projected first rounder. His high level of play in the Big Ten Tournament in 2017 lifted the Wolverines to a championship. His athleticism and length is what caught NBA scouts’ attention the most. He has struggled for playing time the past three years playing behind Ersan Ilyasova off the bench at the four spot for the Bucks. He was seen on the wrong end of a Jamal Murray poster a few weeks back, but drew the charge in the process. He comes in at No. 8 on this list.

#6. Jordan Poole, Golden State Warriors

Season Stats: 8.8 PPG | 2.4 APG | 2.1 RPG

Jordan Poole was drafted with the 28th pick last year by the Warriors. He has immediately stepped in and provided the team with minutes due to backcourt injuries, specifically Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and also the departure of D’Angelo Russell at the trade deadline. Despite getting solid minutes, Poole has struggled shooting the ball this season. He was drafted due to his three-point shoointg abilites, but the question of consistency and shot selection also loomed. His 33.3 percent from the field and 27.9 three-point percentage go hand-in-hand with the type of season it’s been in the Bay Area. Poole slides in as No. 6 in the rankings.

#5. Moe Wagner, Washington Wizards

Season Stats: 9.5 PPG | 5.2 RPG | 1.3 APG

One of the most beloved Wolverines: Moe Wagner. He gave John Beilein three great years before being drafted 25th overall in 2018 by the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s now in D.C. playing for the Wizards. He was injured for a good chunk of this season, but while healthy, has done a good job as a role player on a rather crappy team. His sparkling 57.5 field goal percentage this season reminds you just how capable he is as a scorer. His brother Franz could be joining him at the professional level as early as the fall. The German big man ranks as the No. 5 former Wolverine in the NBA.

#4. Glenn Robinson III, Philadelphia 76ers

Season Stats: 11.8 PPG | 4.3 RPG | 1.6 APG

Robinson has bounced around the league quite a bit after being drafted 40th in the 2014 draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He started the season as a starter for the Warriors but was traded to the Sixers, making it his second stint playing in Philly. He’s not a name you hear much about, but he’s had a solid season oSeaverall. He’s proved he can play good minutes and make enough of an impact to carve out a consistent role in the NBA. The former dunk contest winner is the No. 4 player in the rankings.

#3. Duncan Robinson, Miami Heat

Season Stats: 13.3 PPG | 3.3 RPG | 1.4 APG

Duncan Robinson is finally getting the recognition he deserves. From playing D-III to D-1 at Michigan to the G-League to the NBA, Duncan is the epitome of hard work and determination. He went undrafted but is now starting for a very good Miami Heat team. He’s set a ton of franchise records this year including three point shots made in a quarter, three point shots made in a half, and three-pointers made in a season. He has shot 44.8 percent from behind the arc this season. His lethal shooting has him as the No. 3 player on this list.

#2. Tim Hardaway Jr., Dallas Mavericks

Season Stats: 15.8 PPG | 3.1 RPG | 2.0 APG

For being a really good player on both ends of the court, Hardaway Jr. has played a second fiddle in the backcourt for parts of his career. In college, Trey Burke got most of the attention and now, Luka Doncic is the star in Dallas. Tim was drafted 24th by the Knicks in 2013 and was also a member of the Atlanta Hawks before becoming a Maverick. He’s averaged 15 points or more in five straight seasons now. He hasn’t made quite as many headlines as Duncan Robinson this year, but his overall play and ability to defend well earns him the No. 2 spot.

#1. Caris LeVert, Brooklyn Nets

Season Stats: 17.7 PPG | 4.1 APG | 4.1 RPG

LeVert has battled injuries his whole career, both college and pro. Last year, he suffered a severe lower leg injury. Like earlier points in his career though, LeVert bounced back. He’s having him best year yet with career highs in points, assists, and rebounds. Earlier this season, he dropped 51 points against the Celtics. He probably wasn’t the best college player on this list, but he has had a fantastic year and you can’t help but be happy for him. He and Nets have the chance to win a ring next year with a healthy Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. He is the No. 1 former Wolverine in the NBA.