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Tracy McGrady encourages Michigan Basketball to ‘make it a memorable moment’

An NBA legend delivered advice and a joke to Michigan Basketball.

Tracy McGrady Visits Shenyang Photo by Deng Xinchun/Visual China Group via Getty Images

NBA Hall of Fame inductee Tracy McGrady was in attendance at Michigan Basketball’s tilt versus Southern Utah.

Not only was McGrady taking the action in, he also spoke with the Michigan team. McGrady’s message transcended hoop talk, it was about the college experience, the memories made along the way.

“I remember those moments, and that was years ago. I’ve been out of the game for like eight years. This is your family. Twenty years from now, you’re gonna have those moments you talk about, sitting around, having a conversation, and bring up this season,” McGrady told the team. “Make it a memorable moment. That’s what it’s all about. Creating memories. It’s what you want to do, man, because when you’re done playing basketball it’s all we have — the memories that we create, and it’s very special to us. Twenty years from now you want to have those conversations with these guys that’s in the room, of how special this season was. Every time you approach the game that’s what it should be like.”

McGrady joked around about a memorable moment he made with Juwan Howard during their time together playing for the Houston Rockets. McGrady scored 13 points in in the last 33 seconds of the game against the San Antonio Spurs back in 2004.

“I created one (memory) with this guy,” Tracy said while pointing to Howard. “13 points in 35 seconds, I ain’t know I was gonna do that s**t, but I created it.”

The whole team laughed and then Howard pointed at Grady and said “greatness!”