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WATCH: Michigan Basketball Highlights vs. Indiana

Breaking down the double-digit road wins over the Hoosiers with some game highlights & analysis

This game against the Indiana Hoosiers had all the makings of a trap game. Sandwiched in the middle of 3 top 10 match-ups (#4 OSU, #9 Iowa, #5 Illinois), the Michigan Wolverines were taking on a Hoosiers squad desperate for a win. Unless they can close out strong, it’s likely Indiana will miss the tournament. Add in the fact that this game was on the road and only 2 days after Michigan’s Thursday night match-up against Iowa, and this is one that had a lot of things stacking up against Michigan.

In fitting fashion, the Wolverines put those concerns to rest. Though the game was a bit sloppy at times and featured 11 turnovers from the Wolverines, it was a methodical thumping to the tune of a 16-point road win. We’re at the point where Michigan can seemingly play poorly and still carve out blowout wins in the Big Ten, which is madness.

Franz Wagner continues to ascend, putting in a 21-point effort to give him over 20 points in 3 of his last 4 games. His defense, too, is proving to be at an elite level. Livers, Smith, & Dickinson all chipped in with double-digit scoring efforts of their own, Livers adding 10 rebounds to give him a double-double on the afternoon. There’s really nothing more I can say here beyond “they’re good and everyone knows it”. With the loss of Baylor Saturday evening to Kansas, it’s likely you’re going to be rooting for the #2 team in the country next week. Pretty safe to say they’ve earned it.


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