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WATCH: Michigan Basketball Highlights vs. Texas Southern

Breaking down the Wolverines victory over the 16-seed in the first round of the NCAA Tournament

It doesn’t have to be pretty. For the Michigan Wolverines, the second half definitely wasn’t. A flurry of offensive rebounds, questionable foul calls, and some uncharacteristic defensive lapses saw the Texas Southern Tigers pull within 12 points after Michigan held over a 20 point lead for most of the game. Michigan put together a few solid offensive possessions, including a big three-pointer from Franz Wagner to squarely take hold of the win at 82-66.

The game didn’t start that way, though. The Wolverines jumped to an early lead, with Eli Brooks starting hot and Dickinson imposing his will from the onset. Zeb Jackson put down a pair of three pointers, his first points since January, which is a great sign for Michigan’s depth moving into the next rounds of the tournament. Brandon Johns Jr. put together a relatively quiet 11 point performance, getting to the free throw line 8 times and was a force on defense, showing he belongs in the starting line-up.

Despite fouling out, Hunter Dickinson put up 16 points on extremely 6-for-7 shooting, and was the consistent target of the aforementioned questionable foul calls. The Wolverines will take on the #8 seeded LSU Tigers in the Round of 32 on Monday afternoon. Those Tigers are likely to pose a bit more of a challenge than the ones Michigan saw this time around.


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