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WATCH: Michigan Basketball Highlights vs. Florida State

Breaking down the Wolverines Sweet 16 blowout victory over the Seminoles.

Florida State provided a unique challenge for the Michigan Wolverines. The Seminoles starting line-up doesn’t feature a guy under 6’4. If it isn’t a gaggle of lengthy dudes, you may run into Raiquan Gray, a 6’8 260 pound ball of muscle who should consider suiting up as a tight-end for their football team. Michigan found a way to crack the Seminoles, using their aggressiveness and bully-ball approach against them en route to a 76-58 blowout victory to advance to the Elite 8.

The Seminoles found themselves with 22 fouls total by the final whistle, often caught out of position by Michigan’s extremely efficient offense. Add in 14 turnovers and losing the rebounding margin (somehow) by 31-37, and that’s a recipe for the blowout that was experienced. Brandon Johns Jr. had potentially his best game as a Wolverine, putting up 14 points, having an impressive defensive presence, and pulling down 6 boards. His emergence was extremely welcome to combat the size from Florida State.

Dickinson & Wagner continued to be forces in their own regard, Dickinson putting up 14 points and 8 rebounds, while Wagner picked up another double double, with 13 points, 10 rebounds, and added 5 assists for good measure. The Wolverines will face the 11-seed UCLA Bruins to determine who advances to the Final Four. With Michigan clicking on all cylinders, it’s a good time for the pieces to be coming together.


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