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Juwan Howard played Draymond Green trash-talk video to motivate Michigan

Howard fired up his players using this tactic.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

“He had a nice little video I wanted the guys to listen to,” Michigan head coach Juwan Howard told the media after beating Michigan State to clinch a Big Ten regular season title. “I think they really enjoyed watching it and listening to the words that were said.”

Howard opted to show his team a video of Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green, who’s a Michigan State alum, dissing Michigan.

“Coach showed us a video before we played — obviously I never played against them but I know it’s a big rivalry and coach showed us a video of Draymond Green, he’s a big talker and he was just saying he wished we would never win a game ever,” Michigan guard Mike Smith said. “And that just shows how competitive this matchup is — and for us to do this on our home court, and then get to celebrate senior night, and celebrate a Big Ten regular season championship and have family and friends out there and things like that, it was a blessing.”

While Howard said that he respects Green, and even called him a future hall-of-famer, good bulletin board material should never go to waste. And Howard picked the perfect time to use it — facing Michigan’s biggest basketball rival after a tough loss to Illinois, to clinch a regular season Big Ten title. Not bad, Mr. Howard, not bad at all.

Michigan ends their regular season against Michigan State in East Lansing on Sunday. Maybe Howard will use the video again for good measure.